Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Difference between PURGE and DETOXIFICATION

Had a fantastic Chiropractic/nutrition class at my office last night.  Towards the end of the lecture we talked about the difference between PURGE and DETOXIFICATION.  Thought it would be beneficial to talk about it here.

PURGE - aka CLEANSE.  It is different than a TRUE detoxification from a Clinical Nutrition stand point.  A cleansing PURGE deals solely with doing a physical cleanse of the lumen (inside tubes) of the intestines.  Overtime, a build-up can occur of undigested food-stuffs in the large and small intestines.  The purge usually involves some degree of fasting and only eating small amounts of some type of cleansing agent (lemon juice, syrup, water - I've heard it all).  But once again, it only deals with the physical removal of toxins from the intestinal tract.  Which can be, and is, beneficial at times.

A true DETOXIFICATION goes a step above and beyond purges and cleanses.  Detoxification does physically clean the bowels out like its counterpart purge and cleanse, but takes it further by also providing all of the raw materials that the liver and intestinal tract need to enhance those organs detoxification pathways.  Raw materials (nutrients) are always needed as co-factors to drive the biochemistry behind changing fat soluble toxins into an excretable toxin that is water soluble through the kidneys.

NOW - easy way to remember is that DETOXIFICATION makes it so that your body can CONTINUE to clean itself rather than relying on purges and cleanses through administering simple nutrients in a simple manner called the Four R program:  REMOVE, REPLACE, RE-INNOCULATE, and REPAIR through medical foods.

REMOVE influx of all toxins through a properly arranged diet program.

REPLACE all of the digestive enzymes needed to digest all food that we eat

RE-INNOCULATE putting back the good and normal bacteria  found in the GI (gastrointestinal tract)

REPAIRing the damage done by nutrient depletion and being overly toxic for years by using medical food.

NOW - if that wasn't enough ... STAY TUNED for the topic of PROMOTING ORGAN RESERVE.  In Functional Medical it is a marker for healthy aging.

Who wants to look old?  NOT ME.

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